Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What have I been up to tonight? Hurting myself, that's what!

I melted some yummy brie on bread in the toaster oven. I was so psyched about it that I took it out of the oven... and immediately chomped down on it. Much to my horror, the cheese was HOT and I could feel it burning cell layers off the roof of my mouth. The best part is, I couldn't get it off the roof of my mouth immediately, because, well, it's cheese.

Somehow I got through a meal without much issue... though for a while I could feel a piece of skin or whatever hanging off the roof of my mouth. Then I decided to hang my magnetic knife strip; instead of disturbing my neighbors at this time in the evening with power drilling, I resorted to good old-fashioned philips head screwing labor. Again, much to my horror, I found out the hard way that the wall is plaster; the screwdriver slipped off the screw (alas, I am left-handed, but had to do this with my right hand, which magnified the odds of mishap tenfold!) and stabbed my left hand, just above the second knuckle on the index finger. My hand was cold for a while and it didn't bleed all that much or all too quickly... but seeing the torn up skin was not fun at all!!!

Serves me right for doing this when I'm dead tired. I'm thinking the powers that be are telling me to go to bed before I hurt myself some more!!!!!


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