Friday, December 15, 2006

Forgive Me Father, for I Have Sinned!

I had McDonald's four times this past week. I LOVE DRIVE-THRU!!!!!!!!!!!! Wasn't it great to go to drive-thrus as a kid and place an order with that talking box, and somehow the food would be ready on the other side???

So after my latest McDonald's meal (SUPERSIZED!!!!) I honked down on some coconut cake I took home from the cheese shop. With coffee.

And then I had impulsively gotten a stick of Oh Boy! Oberto beef jerky. Or to be more precise, "Smoked Sausage Snack Made with Chicken & Pork." Worse still, I bought it from a hardware store... not someplace like a 7-11 where truckers come by and regularly pluck these sticks off the rack. It was in the neighborhood store where it has probably sat for a year or two, in perfect suspended animation.

But that was where I drew the line. I bit into it expecting it to have a firm resistant consistency, that snap you get from a Slim Jim. But it was kinda soft. Ew!

And now I'm feeling slightly ill from the chemicals in me belly... oh boy!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


I just turned my DSL modem back on just to make this clear... Moving sucks, particularly when you're on a budget, for the following reasons:

1. Lifting heavy boxes all day has killed the muscles in my forearms and lower back.
2. I'm eating kimchee with a knife, because my forks and chopsticks are at my new apt.
3. Worse still, I am eating kimchee with a knife off A PIECE OF ALUMINUM FOIL because my plates are all at the apartment or just sitting dirty in the sink. For crying out loud, people!!!! My grandparents are rolling in their graves.
4. Packing has deprived me of sleep in the past 3 nights. I was giddy at work today and barely managed to wrap gift boxes with cellophane and ribbon without going bonkers.
5. All the dust kicked up by my move has irritated my allergies.
6. I just want to sleep rather than deal with the last-minute bullshit of packing.
7. My DSL service at my new apt won't kick in til after the weekend. "WHAT?!" I cried when the customer rep at AT&T told me that. "Well, there's always dial-up," she said in consolation. AS IF!!!!!!!

There's plenty more I can bitch about but time and energy are both highly lacking!!!! Simply put, I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!!! NYAH!!!!