Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This is what I see every morning as I walk out of my apartment to my car for work.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What have I been up to tonight? Hurting myself, that's what!

I melted some yummy brie on bread in the toaster oven. I was so psyched about it that I took it out of the oven... and immediately chomped down on it. Much to my horror, the cheese was HOT and I could feel it burning cell layers off the roof of my mouth. The best part is, I couldn't get it off the roof of my mouth immediately, because, well, it's cheese.

Somehow I got through a meal without much issue... though for a while I could feel a piece of skin or whatever hanging off the roof of my mouth. Then I decided to hang my magnetic knife strip; instead of disturbing my neighbors at this time in the evening with power drilling, I resorted to good old-fashioned philips head screwing labor. Again, much to my horror, I found out the hard way that the wall is plaster; the screwdriver slipped off the screw (alas, I am left-handed, but had to do this with my right hand, which magnified the odds of mishap tenfold!) and stabbed my left hand, just above the second knuckle on the index finger. My hand was cold for a while and it didn't bleed all that much or all too quickly... but seeing the torn up skin was not fun at all!!!

Serves me right for doing this when I'm dead tired. I'm thinking the powers that be are telling me to go to bed before I hurt myself some more!!!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007


It just occurred to me that I haven't written a whole lot of what's been happening of late!

Halloween was the first day I started working at a gourmet cheese shop in posh ole Silverlake. Just for the hell of it! Remember the cheeses and other yummies I had at Battle of Hastings? I had been at the shop that morning at 8:30 sharp, drooling all over the window. Somehow I wound up working there!

And then my folks came out to visit for two weeks, around Thanksgiving, and right after they left, I had to move! I stayed put in Glendale, closer to downtown and at the foot of the mountains, which is, by the way, a gorgeous neighborhood!! A lovely area to jog, hands down!

Then I proceeded with holiday basket mayhem... during my week of moving I stuck this up on the web: . Though it was the beginning of December and rather late to be embarking on holiday basket ventures, I decided to give it a go anyway. We sold six baskets through the cheese shop! But alas, I wound up going back to NY at the end of December, which ended my activities. BUT I already plan on sticking around for next Xmas, and hopefully I can get planning for 2007 baskets underway by June or July.

Yes, I DO start thinking of the baskets around summertime. Don't make that face!

This coming Tuesday I start working at Mike Young Productions with an AWESOME producer. I am befuddled at my crazy luck! I'll be a production coordinator on a Flash project... Mike Young is known as the Klasky-Csupo of today, being small but a great place to start out. I am SO FREAKIN' READY to plow my way into the west coast biz!! I don't think I had the chance to do that at Nickelodeon so much, because I was confined to the timing department and either too busy or just too damn shy to meet anyone. My job there didn't require me to deal with people... it was quite the opposite!! And then you know, there's something to be said of stepping away from something and coming back to it later with a fresh perspective. I now know what it's like to work a crappy retail job (though my "crappy" retail job is really loads of fun! But that's partly because I know I won't be doing it forever, methinks!) and I know that I am able to do a lot of different things... if I don't know how to do something at first, I learn it the best I can and move forward. Simple as that. Making those baskets this year was also the very first time in YEARS that I've actually done this creative stuff without worrying whether or not something would come out great or awful. I didn't think about the end product, I just focused on the process and enjoyed myself and wow, gee, it all came out real great anyway! What a breath of fresh air!

I will actually miss my crappy retail job at Say Cheese... though I will continue working Saturdays for the next month. My boss was so awesome about it, even though I'm drastically cutting back my hours on such short notice. If I want to continue working Saturdays, he won't stop me, said he! The staff is a fun bunch, and even if things get really really crazy busy, we keep our heads on our shoulders for the most part... if tempers flare at all, we laugh it off later! It's been a great lesson in patience and keeping your cool. Neither of these things were ever my forte, but I'd say it's gotten better after having been at the shop! And um, I know a lot of super-tasty-chichi cheeses now. At least, WAY more than I knew going in!

On top of the new job, I will be doing a website for the cheese shop (I had a chat with the owner about it before the holidays, so I'll do up a little something for him to show...) and a website for my parents' business. I am loathe to think of it; just want to get it done!

Alas, my eyelids droop, for it is late and it has been one long-ass day. zzz........


Remember this? (If not, go back to the September archive...)

It is currently IN TRANSIT towards my home. Got that?